Learn the Basics of Online Gold Investing

If you have been investing in the stock market the past few years, I can readily understand why you are looking to invest in gold and other precious metals. While the stock market has taken a dive (although recovered a good bit since 2009) the precious metals market, and in particular gold, have been soaring. The good news is, it has only begun to boom! Many are forecasting a further rise in gold and silver prices in the near future, so there is plenty of time to get in on the action.

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What is a Lease to Own Property Investment?

Lease to own can be a very lucrative type of property investment, how it works is that you purchase a property with the intention to lease it out to someone who might have aspirations of owning their own home but for whatever reason might not be able to secure a loan.

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Magic Formula Investing

Some people are constantly negative, it’s hard to be around with people that express nothing but gloom and doom. These cynical folks say the stock market is rigged and the small investor can never make a decent return, they have not heard of the success of the magic formula investing. But a man named Joel Greenblatt wrote an intriguing book and somewhat controversial book called The Little Book That Beats The Market, which is going to attract attention just based on that title. It is pretty assuming and sort of pretentious. Greenblatt is a part time or adjunct Columbia Business School instructor who proclaims a “value-oriented” method that emphasizes inexpensive equities whose stock price is insignificant compared to the firm’s profitability.

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